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......A sublime, sassy rare breed treasure.

1. They are your best friend.
Leave ordinary behind. Each puppy has a unique personality....unique as you are. No matter what you are doing, from jet setting around the world, going for a brisk hike, or a morning stroll with grandma around the neighborhood, Mi-ki puppies are convenient to tote around in your fashionable lifestyle. Whether you are shopping all day long, getting noticed at the nail or hair salon, watching a movie, the dogs are perfectly happy lounging in their leather Celltei doggie bag, handbag, or brief bag in the most chi-chi restaurant and sneaking bits of the petite-sized fillet mignon or cucumber slices, or even sleeping. Mi-kis are great "spooners"! They will be your tireless travel companion. They are eager to be a part of every aspect of your day and of your life. Wherever your travels take you, enjoy the ride.

2. A muse......
They will inspire and entertain you. Whether they are in your lap being sweet and calm, playful, yet not hyper, frolicking in the garden, or being a clown playing, you will see them sneaking peeks checking to see that you are watching or try out some new acrobatics if necessary, or studiously observing you as you go about your daily tasks. Mi-kis thrive off of their interaction with you and love to make you smile. We find it almost completely impossible, even after a long day, to come home and not immediately start smiling. Mi-kis are whimsically precocious.

3. They will draw attention.
It is not uncommon to have several people surround you while in the presence of a Mi-ki....so beware. Now, for you guys, Mi-ki dogs are notorious to attract females

4. They will transform your home and lifestyle.
Ok, so we may sound a little obsessed... a little too captivated... way too enamored.... but we’re sure that once you have one in your life, you too will be enchanted. You can feel the pride and passion in every one-of-a-kind Mi-ki.

5. Personal style is a great luxury. Gently lead, teach, and inspire to be the best.
It’s a chance to discover this rare breed that shares their ancestry with the Maltese, Papillon, and Japanese Chin. As a Mi-ki breeder, our top priority at Perfect Images Mi-kis is to breed the best quality M-ki. It’s not about the dollars.......it's about the superb lifestyle of our dogs, and your forever commitment to make a Mi-ki your own. We sell happy dogs to happy people with happy homes.

Puppies are available right now. We invite you to puppy watch – they are guaranteed to make you giggle.

Adopt a Mi-ki for a healthy lifestyle. There is not a more sincere love than the love of a Mi-ki.
"Taking care of animals is essential to developing more happiness in human beings":
Quote by Dalai Lama
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Mi-Ki Puppies

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