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Mi-Ki Dogs

Perfect Images Mi-kis fulfills many needs and continues to be a specialty luxury breeder of this rare breed dog living near Houston, Texas area. We are dedicated to providing a nurturing, professional environment in our home to ensure that our Mi-ki puppies experience the best personal care and love beyond comparison. For the past 5 years, we have continued to evolve to make the most of this breed. Much thought goes into today's breeding program. Great breeding is our way of life. We are a proud lifetime member of Mi-ki Breeders USA. Mi-Ki Breeders USA, Inc. is a nationally recognized association and registry for the original purebred Mi-Ki dogs. Our association ensures quality, healthy puppies that are well socialized for our new pet owners and fellow Mi-Ki breeders. We are careful to examine, show and meet and exceed the breed standards for exceptional quality traits without compromise that are truly loved and cherished in my family.

Thank you for your interest in Perfect Images Mi-kis. If you want to take a closer look at our Mi-kis, you may contact us at the following:

Perfect Images Mi-kis LLC
Cheri Harmon-Klein

My puppies are special to me. Serious buyers must complete a questionnaire upon request. We seek to find the perfect forever home and to determine if the Mi-ki is the right breed for you. Potential placement for all my Mi-kis are pre-qualified.  I do not discuss individual puppy pricing in advance of knowing more about you and which of my dog’s personalities is best matched to you and your home situation. Pricing is non-negotiable.

Prospective buyers are welcome to visit our home where our puppies are born and live as part of our family.

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